Optimize Quicktime, Final Cut, and iMovies Videos For YouTube

If you use a MacBook or iMac to make videos, you might have had some problems with the qualities of the movies when uploaded YouTube. YouTube recommends that if you use Quicktime Pro, Finalcut Pro, or iMovies to make your movies, consider the following points when exporting video files to YouTube. These guidelines should help you get better results when uploading to YouTube and when transcoding files.

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Optimizing Apple Made Videos to YouTube

To uploading videos to YouTube.

For iMovie:

Click File, Export, Compress movie for: Expert Settings, Share, Export: Movie to QuickTime Movie, Options

For Finalcut Pro:

Click File, Export, Using Quicktime Conversion, Options

For QuickTime Pro:

Click File, Export, Export: Movie to QuickTime Movie, Options

In the Options box:

1. In the Video section select the following:

Compression Type: H264

Frame Rate: 30

Data Rate: Automatic

Tip: if you want to restrict the Data Rate, choose the highest value acceptable to you. The more bits you have, the better the quality.

Key Frames: Automatic

Frame Reording: Unchecked

2. In the Video section click “Size”:

Dimensions: Set this to the original size of your video (Note: HD resolutions preferred- 1280×720 or 1920×1080)

3. In the “Prepare for internet Streaming” section:

Select the “Prepare for internet Streaming” and choose “Fast Start” from the drop-down menu.

4. In the Audio section, make sure that the audio codec is AAC. Always use ACC as the preferred audio codec.

5. Click OK to save your preferences.

6. Add a title to the video and click Save to save your edited version of your movie.

Your video project can now be exported and uploaded to YouTube.

If you use a Mac, what other problems have you seen?

About the Author: Ivan Walsh is a Beijing-based technical writer who develops web-based  business plans for savvy clients. He also develops  Video Marketing Strategies on the VideoCameraSchool.com